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Improving company expenditure and quality of supplier service

Cumbric Care is a group of seven nursing homes. They approached Nexus wanting to improve both company expenditure and the quality of service delivered by suppliers.

Previously the group had operated on a ‘silo’ basis, with each home purchasing independently. Ensuring that the business used their group scale to purchase was a primary focus.

The suppliers we put forward helped them save significantly: Expenditure on office consumables is down 23%; managed print services have been reduced by 23%; food is now 18% cheaper; medical equipment is down 16%; and signage has been reduced by 15%.

Not only did Nexus receive glowing feedback on the money saved, but the level of scrutiny placed in proposing the recommended suppliers drastically improved service, too. All of the problems experienced before our involvement have been addressed and we remain in contact to conduct regular price and service reviews.

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