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At Nexus, we estimate that 9 out of 10 clients unnecessarily overspend. We’re here to stop that. To stop suppliers becoming lazy and complacent. To stop them taking your business for granted.

We do it by working as an extension to your team, enhancing your scope by focusing on the areas that aren’t core – the business overheads.

Whether it be managed print services, gas and electricity, car fleets, general print or office consumables, we guarantee that we will find you savings without sacrificing quality.

We work with numerous companies in a variety of industries and we can say without reservation each is different. Different in what they buy, how they buy and who from. To offer the same level of service to every client we have formed a business model that functions on flexibility and results – with that being said; whatever your overheads, we are confident in being able to make an impact on service, cost and process.

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